Message From CEO DESK

The Jain Community took a very progressive step soon after independence by deciding to provide for girls education at a time when women were largely confined to their homes. The community established Vidyawadi. The small beginning has flowered. Today Vidyawadi flourishes with two higher secondary schools and a degree college, with over 2,400 girls studying in them of which 600 girls live in the campus hostel. Certainly, Vidyawadi has contributed immensely in bringing women forward in society. It was an extremely progressive thinking on the part of the Jain community.
Today, however, the social and economic situation of the country and the world has drastically changed. Today, just a simple education is not enough. Girls need and want to work, they need to build careers, and march as equals with men. So, we need more employment oriented education.
Once again, the Jain community, as represented by the Management Committee is aware and forward-thinking. It has fully realized the need for changing the orientation of Vidyawadi. We are in the process of initiating a set of concrete actions to take the institution forward in tune with the time.
Three steps are being initiated to bring in the changes. First, the management has initiated steps to establish a private University to enable it to introduce advanced courses which would build careers of the girls. The university will focus on promoting employability of its students and is conceived as a very different type of institutions from the prevailing universities. The process in on with the government, and is expected to be clear in a while.
Secondly, steps are being planned to improve the quality of education in the existing institutions. Steps include improving teaching practices. Aim is to make children independent and confident learners so that they can continue to learn all their life by themselves. That is, it is about learning to learn. In this regard, digital self-learning is contemplated wherein children will learn by themselves (with guidance and monitoring of teachers) through the net. More importantly, steps are planned for all-round development of children. Their emotional health, clarity of life goals, will power and the skill to manage themselves effectively (so that they can use their time and energy gainfully) to lead a successful and happy professional and personal life.
Thirdly, pending the establishment of the University, a number of employment-oriented certificate/ diploma courses are being planned to be introduced from the academic year 2020-21. The courses which are being considered (keeping the human and material resources availability) are:

  • • Interior Decoration
  • • Textile Designing
  • • Costume Designing and Dress Making
  • • Modern Office Management

The process for permission is being initiated and it is hoped that from the 2020 session these courses will be started. Finally, attempts are being made to make campus life more joyous and positive for children, particularly for the hostel students. Hopefully, all these steps together will make Vidyawadi a distinguished educational centre not only in Rajasthan, but in all of India. With the good will and support of the community and parents, we will succeed.

Dr. Sulakshana Barthakur