Message From Director Desk

"When we educate a woman, we educate a generation".
Every year, millions of girls are denied an education at a time when it has the power to transform their lives and the world around them.
Marudhar Mahila Shikshan Sangh, Vidaywadi has always attempted to pursue the path of excellence in education for the last 60 decades and has directed to initiatives and its path of reforms towards providing quality education. We provide holistic education by molding the total personality of a child, it has through its curricular initiatives, helped to strengthen the bond of national unity and foster in young minds love for the fellow one, to be a good and able member of the society.
"Challenges and Opportunites are two sides of the same coin".
Modern education, curriculum development and teaching methodologies have to keep pace with the demand of the economic environment and ever evolving technologies. For us every child is important and keeping primacy the childern's experience, voices, their interested and active particiption we must follow the axiom that every child is talented.
"Empowerment of girls for their all rounds development through education is our cherished motto"
Today education means much more than merely acquiring knowledge. It is acquistion of knowledge and skills, budiling character and improving employability of our young talent, the future leadership. Women are leaders everywhere you took I am proud of being the part of such a wonderful institution dedicated to the causes of better India.
Through education and their real empowerment. I am greatful to inform you that we are plainning Vidyawadi to be a "Women University" this year. Come on, let's give our best and make this institution a modern temple of learning through our diligence, devotion and dedication.

Wishing you all the best!!!


Gaurav Sharma