"The Journey towards excellence always begins with self discovery and the powers of the mind are like the rays of the sun when they are concentrated they illuminate".The power of the future lies in the power of mind. That is why education system around the world are geared towards development of the power of the young mind through an enterprice approach that focuses on the evolution of ethical leaders.
Leeladevi Parasmal Sancheti English Medium Senior Secondary School, Vidyawadi is committed to provide excellent education for shaping the talents and aspirants of bright young global citizens of the futures, we enable our students to enjoy a unique advantage of learning about all educational tools technique from the torch bearer's with vast theoretical and practial knowledge.
If fills me with an overwhelming sense of joy and immense pride to see hundreds of girls pursuing education at Vidyawadi and becoming responsible citizens.
I wish our students a happy journey with us, and i believe that it will enable them to achieve all their aspirations in life.


Geeta Yadav