Message From R.I. Desk

Amita Bhandari : Resident In-charge

Opening young mind to the wonders of life

The unrelenting effort of MMSS, Vidyawadi goes in mentoring "Uncut diamonds into finer gems" which continues to uphold traditional values while adpoting contemporary infrastructure and pedagogies. Girls having diverse backgrounds, currying unique streaks of values, traditions and cultures enter the portals of a learning community.
Our motto "Spread the Light" is at the heart of everyone which is to lead "Overall Development of Girls" and it is not just to impact knowledge to the students, but also to inculcate- wisdom, compassion and a humanitrain spirit in the girls. We provide atmosphere where they can learn, laugh and live to the fullest.
Hostel life is the most relishing moment of a student, which will bring a log of change in them. It is very important part of life, where students live away from their family and relatives; they experience a new sense of freedom, and learns the value of community living, discipline, and responsibilty, making new friends, expanding their horizon of activities and learning to make their own decisions. Moreover living with people from various cultures helps the students to learn from each other and enriches their experience, we not only take efforts to provide studetns a neat and clean environment and a comfortable place to live in, but also encourage them to live in discipline.

Discipline is the key to success and Career building; hence we promote self-discipline among students.
"The only discipline that lasts is self-discipline"

we are very greatful to our parents for their sincere involvment for the institution. Without their single-minded co-operation between the insititude and home we cannot offer for holistic education towards which we are striving; "Sarva Gunn Sampann".
Let us together make a sincere effort so as to expand the feel of excellence.
Wishing you all the best!!!!

Amita Bhandari
Resident In-charge

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