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Vidyawadi, the pride of Godwad region, a milestone in the journey of women education is a residential educational institution for girls alone. Sixty five years ago, the sons of the soil realized that unless the women of the region develop capability and realize their potential, the region cannot progress and keep pace with the rest of the developing regions of the country.

As a result on Oct. 14, 1956 Sri Siddharajji Dhadda found Vidyawadi to realise what had dawned on the team in the recent past.

Smt. Subhadra Jain was one amongst the founders of Vidyawadi. Recipient of multiple awards at district, state and national level, she worked as a teacher, a Principal and an administrator with a sole objective to instill confidence in female students to live a life of dignity and purpose.

The institute since then with the help of supportive management, is unfolding its wings stage by stage to fly high. The sprawling campus of 65 acres, houses 3 educational units, 8 hostels to house 700 students, huge play ground and a skill development center to ensure holistic development of student admitted here.

Horse riding, karate, cycling, driving, shuffle and kathak dance besides other skills like baking, embroidery, stitching, learning the art of personal grooming are offered for all round development of students.

In addition to the opportunities provided to students to grow physically able, socially appropriate, emotionally strong, intellectually sharp with application oriented knowledge and understanding, they also grow up valuing native art and culture along with time tested spirituality and family norms for healthy and meaningful living.

The ambience of Vidyawadi plays a role of a catalyst to help it to achieve its mission.

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