Governing Board

The trust has 800+ members committed to support Vidyawadi in its progress and to promote 'Necessary Time Specific Changes' to keep Vidyawadi relevant for generations through democratic processes.

Presently the board members are –

  1. Shri Popatlal F. Sundesha (President)
  2. Shri Jethmal B. Siroya (Vice- President)
  3. Shri Pradeep G. Rathod (Vice- President)
  4. Shri Chandan M. Parmar (Vice- President)
  5. Shri Kantilal M. Mehta (Vice- President)
  6. Shri Kailash T. Kavedia (Secretary)
  7. Shri Bharat A. Parmar (Jt. Secretary)
  8. Shri Mukesh Bhandari (Jt. Secretary)
  9. Shri Kalyan Telisara (Treasurer)
  10. Smt. Chandra P. Mehta (Jt. Treasurer)
  11. Shri RatanChand J Oswal (Ex President)
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