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Academics in Vidyawadi

Providing meaningful application oriented quality education to females in a safe and free environment to empower them to deal with real life challenges is the sole mission of Vidyawadi.

To fulfill this mission, holistic development of students is considered vital and we designed our curriculum such that it ensures all aspects of human development like Physical, Social, Emotional, cognitive, thinking, creativity, appreciation of art, culture, spirituality, ethnicity along with acquisition of socially desirable values.

Vidyawadi is aware of the ever deteriorating value system of the modern society. It also understands that restoration of the same is possible only through education. Hence our entire educational efforts are focused on the development of desirable values among its students. In order to achieve its objective, it tries to help students of Vidyawadi inculcate both, the spiritual and scientific values to strike a balance in life. The impact of simple and natural living, an attempt to strike a balance between individual freedom and accepting social responsibility are woven in Vidyawadi management of students to achieve its ultimate dream of holistic development of students.

To achieve holistic development, the following aspects of development are focused upon:

This refers to the development of gross and fine motor skills of young ones passing through various developmental stages. Vidyawadi promotes participation of youngs into various games like Volleyball, Basket Ball, Hockey, Badminton, Table Tennis, soft ball, khokho, kabbadi, gymnastics along with horse-riding, karate, dance, skates, Cycling etc to instill capability, confidence and self-esteem in them through physical development.

Social development means helping a child develop confidence, self esteem, empathy and the ability to develop lasting relationship within the given community members. Vidyawadi is alive to this aspect of development of young students and the classroom proceedings, ‘participation-strategy’ in events, are paid attention to, keeping this developmental aspect in mind.

Emotional Development:
Whether a growing child would be socially appropriate, physically confident and capable, intellectually sharp and knowledgeable, proactive, creative and a contributing member of the Society depends on the child's emotional state in general, In our academic units every staff is made aware of this and our classroom proceedings are designed such that every child has to be given feedback in the manner that self-esteem of the child is not hurt.

Cognitive Development:
Vidyawadi staff is trained about how the human brain functions. What is the role of the right and left brain into learning process and, in how many ways a human brain grasp information to cement learning . Keeping this knowledge in focus, classroom learning process is planned such, where learner has to remain active while learning. This means methodology involved in learning process are experiential learning, learning by observation, experimentation or in teams with peer groups. Application of these methods leads to better classroom cognitive development of students.

Besides the above mentioned 4 main aspects of human development following developments are also ensured through various experiential learning opportunities

  • Special training for Thinking and being creative under experienced professionals.
  • Getting the hang of certain skills from the available options.
  • Being human : adorned with compassion, care & concern besides being truthful, fair and honest.

All the above remain a part of daily routine of each student of Vidyawadi to truly become a human being, capable of continuous learning and a valuable member of the society.

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